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    I have been reading a lot articles about backlinking in particular the methods how to get backlink. I also understand that backlinks are one important ingredient to rank well for certain keyword on Google. It does make sense that to rank fairly quick for a keyword on Google, one should focus on the quality of the backlinks than the quantity (although having both are the best).

    As far as I understand it, quality backlinks are those the ones came from other website with high PR and the website I got the backlink from are relevant to my website. But what happen if those links are nofollow link, are they still regarded as quality backlinks?
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    Yes, Google counts the no-follow links as well. They do not have effect like the do-follow ones, but they are working.

    Note this - the Penguin update look what type of backlinks you have. If you have only do- or no-follow, there is a big chance for your site to be banned. So, place no-follow and do-follow links as well. No-follow should be more.
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    nofollow link helps to improve domain authority which plays a very important role in SEO. try to make nofollow links from high DA websites
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    Yes, no-follow links are essential to show your backlinks profile is natural. A no-follow link from high DA website also
    help your website to gain authority in google.
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    Looks like you read well and it digested too.

    Yup, the links have got to be from high pr site and what this literally means is that your link should actually be on a page with PR and not on a new page. If you want to use new page then you gotta build tier links and hope your tier 1 gets some PR or power later in time to enjoy the benefit of ranking.

    Notwithstanding, having links from an actual PR page linking to your money site is the best.

    It also need 100% unique content, do follow and relevance though a little mix of no follow is okay too..

    What no follow mean is, the link won't count as verified backlinks on your site which isn't too good.

    More of Do follow and a little mix of no follow makes your back link profile natural.
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    Generally, it's true.

    However, as Matt Cutts said: "The nofollow attribute is just a mechanism that gives webmasters the ability to modify PageRank flow at link-level granularity. "
    And nofollow links can bring you lots of value in many other ways. For example:

    Traffic. Nofollow links can act as a gateway into your site that introduce your content to a larger audience that you wouldn't have had before. No matter whether a link is ******** or nofollow, placed on a relevant popular site, it can bring you tons of consistent traffic. So that could be a great option for your website traffic and your content reach.

    . In case you manage to attract more additional site traffic, you will increase your chances of converting more leads as well.

    Link Profile Diversity. You probably know that in the era of post-Penguin update, link diversity is the key. This means diversity in the type of websites that are linking to you, diversity in social signals, diversity in the link text used for these links and diversity in the types of links in your overall inbound link portfolio. So if you build both ******** and nofollow links, that will definitely be good from an SEO prospective.

    By the way, you may check your site link portfolio with the free

    Hope you find this info useful.
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