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    hi bhw,

    i'm new here and i got many usefull informations here, but there is 1 thing that wont get to my brain. everybody is talking about niches sites with exact name domains, so i researched some stuff and now i found a keyword.

    google tells me 4.4k exact searches and the traffic estimator shows ~CPC 1,57 ?. all other sites are really crappy with max. 5backlinks and only 1indexed page, so it would be really easy to rank there, but how much i really get for a click?

    i have another site, there google displays 2,32? but i got 0.28? per click - so how do you know that a site has more then 1$ CPC?

    sorry for my noob questions and the bad english
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    Your cut is 68% of the click cost, then it depends where the traffic is from.
    I suggest you getting US/UK/AUS traffic (through SEO) as that's what pays the most.
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    Tools will show an average cpc for that keyword. You will get wide ranges and if you have show relevant ads on then you will get ads from various other keywords that the user has looked at and your cpc will vary even more.