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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by koolbrian, Feb 8, 2011.

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    I had some idle time watching TV as well running some keywords/key phrases on Market Samurai but suddenly I found this and I couldn't resist myself from posting here to ask for expert review on this.

    First lets take a look at the image following link below

    h**p://www * freeimagehosting * net/uploads/e8426700db.jpg

    (Sorry I am not allowed to post links)

    As you can see, I was checking for "buy facebook app" and the seo competition output is shown on the picture.

    First of all, when I searched for this term on google, the second url on that list from MS shows up on first place!!

    Now my question is, no matter the second url is on first or second place, but how did it go that far??

    Because if you take into account domain age or PR, its not that old or doesn't have high PR, much older domains with higher pr are below the list. If you check BLP or BLD, domains with higher on these stats are below on the list. Now for on page seo, it doesn't contain the term on title, url, header or desc and other pages (for example no 6) with these are low in the ranking!!

    Now I am totally confused that whatever I found from many experts doesn't match with this scope. Or is it the MS that shows stupid results which has no value and just waste of time!!

    I know there are more stuffs behind the SERPs but according to this result, if we cannot find that out or doesn't have knowledge on that part, what good can MS provide us?

    Now finally if you want to say the the site I am talking about (no 2 on list) may be highly optimized or based on my search term or may be the BLD quality is higher than the others. If that is the reason then why should I go for thousands of backlinks while I can accomplish that with just a few very high quality backlinks?

    I feel really confused and need some expert help. Please forgive my foolishness if I skipped something here or this has been talked about earlier.
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    1. MS is probably showing variation in the rankings because you are using a different datacenter to the one MS accessed (it just shows the data you can get yourself - it does not change it around). For example, I have the rankchecker set up and my last checked showed I had dropped out the top 100 for a kw (was in pos 2). Checked myself and it showed up where I expected. This is normal.

    2. Pos 2 is probably in pos 2 because of off page optimization. If you checked I am sure he has a lot of inbound links using that term as the anchor text.

    In short, MS is just an aggregation tool. It simply brings publicly available data into the one place. It does not do anything you can't do by yourself, it just does it faster. Complaining it does not do what a Google search does is like complaining a hammer won't hit a nail into a piece of wood faster than another nail. Only getting a nail gun will make a difference (ie completely different tool).