Question about linkpushing, and SEO plan.

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    I have 2 years old domain with currently having about 100/day daily traffics.
    I have not built any SEO but just been using social medias and citysearch.

    I am now trying to implement SEO on it and looking into linkpushing as it seems a very nice service.

    The site is a venue site in NYC. I currently have two venue locations.
    Site has its index page, 4-5 static pages, and two blogs dedicated to each venue.

    I have a basic plan, and would like to see other's thought.
    This would be my first real-seo project and I can't mess it up since this is a SEO for a physical venues, I will get fired by messing it up lol.

    * When my plan is nicely straightened up, I will open up a case study so please help clearing things up, hints and etc *

    1. Content :

    New contents will be added to each venue page weekly basis.
    So two new contents each week.

    2. Keyword :

    - 3 long tailed main keywords.
    - *new* 3 long tailed sub keywords (low volumes maybe)
    - Each new content will have 3 long tailed main keywords and 3 new sub keywords.

    3. SEO :
    Using Linkpushing(LP) to get the structure, then SB,Xrumer Blast.
    Weekly Basis (when 2 new contents added)
    - 1 LP to Main Site.
    - 1 LP to 1of2 new content.
    - 1 LP to 1of2 new content.
    So total 3 LP a week. which will be 12 LP a month.

    SB, Xrumer blast to all of web2.0s from LP each push.

    Try to grab 1-2 backlinks from High PR sites each week.

    Thats it for now.
    Do you think its legitimate methods?

    Will SB, Xrumer blasting to web2.0 that LP generated a good and safe way to build a backlinks?

    As you can see, I will only constantly build a backlinks for the main keywords, and will just do 1 LP to the minor keywords (for each new page), hows that idea?

    How do you make an anchor texts in SB / Xrumer for long tailed keywords?
    Do I just use them as is or break them apart and spread among them?
    let say i have 'car repair, car service, luxury sedan service' (just made it up),
    and i have made a long tailed phrase 'luxury car sedan repair and service'.
    How would u blast this?
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    You need a balanced approach so a variety of links. I used Linkpushing and had pretty much no effect until i broadened out the base of links.
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    Jun 20, 2011
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    Yep, the more diverse your backlinks are, the better. They should be from different DOMAINs, not just different pages.
    To get anchor text ideas, you can use the Website Auditor tool. It scrapes anchor texts from sites that compete with you for certain terms on search engines, which allows you can get some ideas for your own anchor texts.