Question about Internet Business Promoter - why do as competitors?


Jul 28, 2010
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I have started to use this Software and there's something that i don't seem to get.
The Software will always compare you site to the other 1-10 in Google.

I have a phrase that i am building a site upon it and it shows that all my competitors don't use this phrase in the Title, Keywords etc.

Now, because i use it twice i get a red flag that say: "none of the other pages uses the term..." and it recommend to use the term once or not at all.

What is the point of being like the competitors and not beyond?
What's the logic here?

Mrgoos <---

If the top 10 SERPs are not using the keyword in Title / Tag / header / link title /etc...

That's not such a bad thing.

It may just mean that Google is giving the most authoritative content it can find.

Check over the backlinks of the top 10...

See what they all have in common. There are always patterns when you look for them

That might explain why all 10 did not bother to do the basic SEO for that term.

Or to be honest...

It might not be a word they want to rank for!

Good luck :)
Thanks for your reply.
Yeah, i will check the backlinks.
I just wonder why IBP take it as a bad thing and give me the red flag if i use the phrase in the title.
I'm pretty new to SEO but i thought that this was a must.
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