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Aug 28, 2015
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Sorry, i have to make a new thread.

I have a question.

how to avoid httracks?

thank you.
Do you mean how to prevent people from cloning your site via HTTrack?

If so there's no really solid way to do it - if it can be viewed in a browser it can be ripped if someone is dedicated enough (maybe not with HTTrack specifically, but there are plenty of tools that have similar abilities).

However, some advice here may help: https://stackoverflow.com/questions...-site-from-httrack-or-other-softwares-ripping
Its 100% not possible,because of client site script .but you can secure site ,disable directory browsing and change permission and add Brute-force security, so it may some protect your site.
thank you for the answer, really appreciate.

last week, me and my friend, made LP (generator)..
and got clone.. :(
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