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Question about german tax system (dropshipping)

Discussion in 'Business & Tax Advice' started by HofiKingston, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. HofiKingston

    HofiKingston Registered Member

    Jul 28, 2017
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    Hello Guys!

    first of all, i'm new at this forum and i love it :)
    So i read some methods about making some bucks online, and the amazon-ebay-dropshipping was the method which was the best one for me personally. Im a student atm, so with this method i could probably make 100-200€ each month, which would help me get through the studium.
    I tested this method one week ago, and after some costumations and testings i sold some stuff and made a profit of 11€ in 2 days.

    So my question is: the german tax system is really strict, so i have to register a business for this method for sure i think? Now, i'm not 100% familiar with the whole tax system, but after some googling and asking around, i got it like that: if you make over 17.500€ proceeds in 1 year, you have to pay ?revenue-taxes? and after you pass 25.000€ profit im 1 year, you habe to pay ?profit-taxes? (Sorry english aint my native language, i dont know the real terms for that, but i hope you know what i mean)

    Now, the thing is, without paying those taxes, i barely gain some profit after ebay and paypal fees, only about 1-2€ each sold article, so if i add at least one of the taxes, i wouldnt do any profit at all.. and with amazon-ebay dropshipping, you will pass the 17.500€ proceeds in 1 year pretty easily (or am i wrong with this?)
    I looked up, there are hundrets of german amazon to ebay dropshippers on ebay, who surely sell at least ten tousands of articles each year, so i dont understand how this is profitable for them with ebay+paypal fees and those taxes?
    Could someone light me up please? Thanks alot :)
  2. asmss

    asmss Newbie

    Oct 6, 2017
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    Deutschland ist echt ein wahnsinn, was Steuern angeht, aber glücklicherweise musst du dich auch hier bei kleinen Umsätzen nicht besonders vorsehen. Bis 17.500 bist du kleinstunternehmer und muss kaum etwas zahlen.

    Mein Tipp daher: konzentriere dich auf dein business. Sobald du siehst, dass dort langfristig Geld rein kommt, gehe als erstes zu einem richtigen Steuerberater, denn nur der kann dir wirklich helfen.

    - - my apologies to everyone who does not speak German - -