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question about fitnessaffiliatemarketing

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by skinnym4n, May 5, 2012.

  1. skinnym4n

    skinnym4n Junior Member

    Feb 5, 2012
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    Hey guys!

    I am into IM since feb 2012 and tried to make money online but havent succeded so far.
    I was infected with the "shiny-thing-need-to-have-it-syndrom", downloading wso after wso, reading threads all day long trying to find the magic butten I just need to push to make money. It took some time till i realized I really should just start with a method and stick with it untill I succed.
    After getting this, it took me again about a month as I get distracted and bored pretty fast, till I really started forcing myself to start with something and end it before starting something new. So some days ago I decided to get into affiliatemarketing and as I am bodybuilding, I thought about getting into the bodybuildingniche. I started with the product research, followed by the keyword research, which both ended pretty successful. Then I started with the competitionanalysis and thats where I am now.
    Well, if you are in the bodybuildingniche yourself, I think you know, how those top10 pages on google look like, for those who are not: often pretty complex but thats not the problem, my problem is, that every bodybuildingaffiliateside has a pic of the owner of the side on it which shows him without his shirt and his ripped body. My problem: I started with bodybuilding like half a year ago and it really takes time to get good results, so I cant make pics like that on my own and as I want to stay whitehat, I dont want to take a pic of a random guy from a fitnessforum, so my question for you guys: what should I do? No pic, hoping people still buy through my affiliatelinks? Taking a pic of some random guy from a fitnessforum, hoping not to get caught? I really dont know what to do, I hope someone can help me out there....:/