Question about developing and licensing browser games

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    I've been working on a couple mobile games for a while and have been thinking about making some really simple games using assets I already have to make shooting games, puzzle games, animal farm games, and just a variety of templates I can customize for people.

    I was thinking of trying to keep them simple enough I can make them in a day or two. I don't really have any internet traffic so figure maybe someone else would be willing to buy a license to put them on their pages for $10-$20, and sell 5-10 licenses for each game.

    Anyone know of any places to market something like this to webmasters??

    Here's an old prototype of a riding game I made, played on my kindle fire: go to 1:00minute in to get past the annoying intro rounds.

    I could make games like duck hunt, or archery/aiming games pretty easily, especially if it's from a fixed position.

    Kongregate and those sites suck pretty bad which is why I'm wondering about just going directly to site owners who have gaming type sites. What do you guys think?

    Otherwise I should probably just stick to apps for the app store huh?
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