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question about Bookmarkingwiz and Bookmarkingninja

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by Vensat, Nov 4, 2009.

  1. Vensat

    Vensat Newbie

    Nov 3, 2009
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    Does either of them let you enter and submit to your own list of social bookmarking sites?
    Unfortunately this is unclear from what I read on their websites.

  2. Rhianni32

    Rhianni32 Junior Member

    May 6, 2009
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    Colorado, US
    Never heard of bookmarkingninja.
    Bookmarkwiz does not let you enter in your own URLs. Its made to work seamlessly on the sites it works with (30?) so you get 100% success.

    For entering in your own URLs you will need something like bookmarking demon that works off of open source platforms (scuttle, scuttleplus, pligg, phpdug). However it only works when the site admins dont change too much so you will only get it to work with the shit sites. I would imagine that any automated software program that loads up your URLs will have the same problem.
  3. banghead

    banghead Junior Member

    Jan 12, 2009
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    I have bought bookmarkingninja-it has that feature and it works ok-but...don't buy it!
    i 'm in process of getting refund for it cause it has few major flaws-low on high pr sites + unable to create accounts on them or manually entering account details,digg is in screenshot of the software but not in the software,low success rate.

    BTW i will share it here for a few days with original reg. key if i don't get my refund.