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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Michaeladams, Sep 2, 2012.

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    I have always wondered, when you submit a comment to a blog, and its doesnt get approve does it still count as a backlink, because i was doing some research on my competitor as for one of his backlink it appears that his comment wasn't approve yet it seemed like i was being counted as such.

    Also i noticed that he commented on a bunch of blogs not related to himself, why did he do this?

    Thanks for the help
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    Any link can potentially help - no matter how irrelevant - however, the more relevant the better, whether that is the same type of niche referral traffic or in terms of SEO value.

    Your competitor may well have posted comments/links which were automatically accepted, then removed by a mod. If the links were found by whatever link checking bot before they were removed you will see them as 'links' when in fact they are no longer there - so may already may not be helping (if they ever did) or won't help soon when the SE knows they are no longer there.

    (best guess with the info you gave)
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    Comments can get approved but not shown. For example on one of my sites I left comments auto approve on....I didn't check back to the site for a few weeks while I worked on other things....when I did check back it was obvious my site was getting handed around the scrape box gang because I had over two thousand comments. I just turned off commenting and chose to not show comments...but strictly speaking those comments have not been deleted.

    As for your competitors back links. It can look unnatural to have 100% laser targeted back links so a few from everywhere is a good back up to your main links. If he has a proper seo plan then that is what he is doing.....if he doesn't have a plan he may have just bough a blast off Fiverr !