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    Hi. As part of a backlinking strategy I've been using an xrumer service that recently shut down. It created about 10,000 forum profile backlinks to a given site over a month and a half. I'm using a 3rd party tool to aid Google in finding these links and have quite a backlog to run through at this time.

    But I'm concerned about the sudden drop in backlinks. If I drip those links out over say 1 month, do I still need to create new profile links during that time or could I start again once I excuse the current supply that I haven't exhausted yet?

    In other words, will it raise a red flag that I'm no longer generating regular backlinks in the same amount or will I be ok because the search engine notices when they spider them as opposed to when they were created?

    Thanks much!
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    If you are actually already seeing a benefit from your links then it's unlikely you'll be penalized from my experience.

    What's more likely to happen is that you'll get a bit of a boost temporarily from all the extra links (assuming you didn't go too hard and got penalized already), then your sites will slowly drift down the rankings as that batch of links goes "stale" (with no fresh links being added), and your competitors are rewarded for all the fresh links they've been getting in the mean time.

    If you're RSSing or pinging etc your existing xrumer profile links, bear in mind that some / most of these will be found by Gbot on their own anyway, and you don't have a lot of control over the speed with which they're spidered.

    Slow and steady link growth wins the race!
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    I wouldn't worry too much, unless you are agressiveley backlinking your profiles G will pick them up at a nice steady rate.