Question about auto-blogs?


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Aug 29, 2009
K. So I'm a bit confused with autoblogs. Are you allowed to use them in adsense, or is it against google TOS.

Can your autoblogs get de-indexed from google, and why?

Is it illegal to take others content like that and auto post it without asking?

1) You can use Adsense on autoblogs, but it's against their TOS to put adsense on pages with dupe content (you may want to spin it first).

2) Yes, they can get de-indexed though its unlikely, it can happen. If google reviews a site and thinks is just "spammy" and doesn't provide any value, you bet they'll de-index it. I've two autoblogs though and they are well indexed, one has been ranking for almost a year now.

3) It depends. Most of the time, yes it is illegal. You may find sites with a creative commons license though. For one of my autoblogs I always include a link back to the original site at the end of the post and haven't had any problems so far. With the other autoblog I mix 5 paragraphs and then spin the content (automatically, of course), so the posts are completely unique, though they don't make much sense :p

Good luck!
If I use an automatic spinner, that makes articles that don't really make any sense, and I put adsense on it, do you think it'll get banned?
I couldn't tell really. I don't think so, but maybe. I would get a second adsense account and test.
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