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Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by pwnapples, Mar 8, 2011.

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    Yeah im kind of a noob.

    I just bought hostgator as my new webhosting.

    I was told for clickbank to pick a few products and write articles on them..

    Where exactly do I write these articles? Do I make a new domain or what? How about the templates and stuff? Sorry if anything is a stupid question,

    Any advice is highly appreciated! Thanks!!!
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    Most people who are into clickbank promotion will end up creating a blog. You need to install Wordpress or any other CMS such as Joomla. Wordpress comes with free templates or better yet, find free templates floating around this forum or elsewhere. Once your blog is setup, it's time to post the articles you've written. Wordpress comes with an editor, all built in, and other stuff needed to publish your content.
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    pwnapples, dude, you have to lurk around on here for few days to find the answer. Trust me, I'm a noob too and no one here is going to give you the answer. However, the answers to all of your questions are on these pages. There is a whole wealth of information here on how to promo and get traffic to your niche. The only thing you will not find here is anyones exact method for finding a profitable niche. Head over to Marking Money -> Associated Content & Writing Articles and start reading. I fired up a notpad and started taking note since there is sooo much information out there and sooo many ways to go about it.

    Good Luck!
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    Yep - you need to start reading the forum and learning. There is enough quality information and guidance on here to sink the bismark so get reading - you have a lot to learn. Here are just a few things to consider;

    1. Setting up wordpress correctly, choosing a good quality theme which is SEO optimised and has the right plugins.

    2. Writing articles - you need to understand how the search engines view blogs and what information you need to input into your posts or pages to get them indexed and ranked. The quality and readability of your articles is also something to be learned.

    3. Promoting you website - backlinking (link building) and the various methods used is a pillar of any website - there is much to be learned here.

    There are hundreds of guides and resources in the forum to help you understand each of these factors (and there are many, many more you will need to learn) most of which are free - so you nothing to hold you back! good luck!
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    Oct 23, 2009
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    Set up a wordpress theme and write some articles oriented for that particular product. In the articles you should write about your experience with it, or make some kind of review. Then drive traffic. :)
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    ok, you want advice, you'll get advice.... lol

    1. People have a need for certainty. All of us do. It's one of our primary human needs.

    This is especially true when you're doing something new that you don't understand.

    2. So to get certainty you ask people questions because you're uncertain about how to do things.

    3. People also have a need for significance or feeling important. So other noobs who probably know 5% more than you do tell you answers they think are true even though they've never made a dollar in their life. The will regurgitate mantras that borderline on religious blather, not knowing if they're correct or not.

    4. you will follow their instructions, and make zero bling. however, in the process, you will now know 5% more than when you started.

    5. another noob will come along, and you will give him advice based on your failures or minimal successes, meaning you figured how to to post articles somewhere but made no money, and the cycle continues. This is why 99.999% of people make no money.

    That's the pattern of failure.

    Here's the pattern of success.

    1. decide on an outcome. This means picking a measurable goal and deadline for that goal.

    2. make sure you know WHY you are picking that outcome to accomplish.

    3. take massive action to accomplish your outcome. FOCUS on nothing but completing your outcome in time you schedule for getting it done.

    4. debrief your progress daily or even hourly: what was great? what did you learn? what did you accomplish? what didn't you accomplish? why not? How can you do it better?

    5. Set a new outcome

    Understand that success comes from habits in your patterns of thinking and taking actions. Posting your question about articles here in this forum before making minimal effort on your own to discover the answers portends 99% probability of failure on your part in anything you do unless you change your approach. Do not disempower yourself by relying on other people to give you easy answers.

    Why? Because if you don't succeed you'll blame the source of your information and what you will have learned is x strategy "doesn't work." If you take action and learn from experience while you're focused on your outcome, you'll learn "this is how I got my outcome..." You'll learn and condition patterns of success.

    Hopefully this was more helpful than wasting my time telling you about some stupid article site or spinning software, etc.