Question about affiliate programs, registrations, etc.

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    Nov 26, 2014
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    What if I will have a website, website, which is fulled of affilite products. But - I want to have page with products which looks like non-affiliate. So theres nothing like "buy from 4mazon" or somehing like this. One of the best things is that there's no problem with storing goods and products for my store (eventually which are not digital). So, my question is: Is there way to create or use created registration form,which is compatible with some e-stores?

    I'm human browsing web (like I want to have). I want to buy suit, garden accessories and wax for my car. But there is a problem, these product which I found on this website can't be purchased directly from my website, but from other websites; so first product is from eBay, second from Amazon a last from another small reseller. But I'm not registered on these websites and I don't want to register on these 3 websites to get my goods. So i want to have a registration on my website, where people will complete only on my site registration a will able to to buy goods directly from eBay or Aliexpress exactly without any need to redirect them onto Aliexpress.

    Is existing somethin-like plugin that works like this?
    Or I will need to contact every e-store owner and try to offer him my idea?

    Any help is appreciated. Or PM me.