Questiion about using a VPS even, if my original IP is never banned

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by ebay3r, Apr 6, 2016.

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    Dec 10, 2015
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    So i'm asking, that is it necessary to use a VPS if i buy a US Paypal account for my original eBay account (I'm buying US PP account, because Payoneer only works with US PP accounts).
    My location is in Europe.
    I have never been banned, so the question is: Will i get a ban, because my real location where i live is different(EU), from where i dropship (United states)? Do people only use the VPS after they have got their first BAN from eBay?

    And will i get a ban from eBay, if i disconnect my current paypal from eBay, and add that new, US Paypal to eBay?

    Answers are really appreciated, these are the last things i need to know before starting my own dropshipping business, everything else is clear for me, Thank you!:)
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    i doubt ebay will notice the shipping. I use a stealth account living far from where the ebay account says i do, and there are never any flags raised from it. The paypal part however is risky. I unaware of the policies with having paypal accounts for different countries, but have multiple paypal accounts in the US is against the rules, so unless you absolutely have to switch out the paypals, i wouldnt mess with it