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Quality Score Search

Discussion in 'Adwords' started by baedorf, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. baedorf

    baedorf Registered Member

    Mar 6, 2011
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    im running a search pay per click campaign since yesterday.
    My Quality Score is still 4 and average.
    It must be higher.
    Takes it time?
    Perhaps the first click?
  2. likwidneo

    likwidneo Newbie

    Jan 29, 2011
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    are all your keywords broad matched keywords? this is usually the biggest mistake most rookies make. broadmatched keywords allow google to play around with your keyword phrases and do things you may not want them to do. for example lets say you have a broadmatch keyword for "Rolex Watches." Google could go and show that ad on other keyword searches like "Swatch Watches" as well. There's a few things you can do here. You can create an exact match keyword by putting the keyword in [brackets] this will make it so that the ad only appears on that exact keyword search and not any variations of that keyword. A phrase match keyword can be used by putting the keyword in "quotations" This makes sure that the order of the words in the keyword is preserved. So for example this ad could still trigger on "Discount Rolex Watches" but not "Rolex Used Watches." The best place to usually start though is to make Modified Broad Match keywords. This is done by putting a + at the beginning of each word. This makes it so that every word in the keyword has to appear in any search variations that google will display your ad on. Beyond that make sure your landing page keywords and keyword placements in the ad copy match the keywords youve selected in your campaigns AS CLOSELY AS POSSIBLE. If you are targeting say the words Cheeseburger and Cheeseburgers you could bump your QS by creating a 2nd ad group with the same copy of the ad but splitting the 2 words between them and creating one ad copy using the word Cheeseburger and the other ad copy using Cheeseburgers. Despite Google's advice of having 10 to 20 keywords per ad group, I find it hard to stay effective using any more than 1 or 2 keywords per ad group and can wind up creating up to 3 or 4 ad groups for one product. Beyond that just make sure the exact keyword appears in the ad headline, the copy, and the display URL, and make sure you have good keyword density for the exact keyword on your landing page. Other SEO rules start to apply here as well. Using the keyword in the URL and <h1> tags make the page appear more relevant to the keyword. If you really want to up your Quality Score you may want to consider creating different landing pages for the same product for different keywords. Whatever you do, make sure you are keeping an eye on EXACTLY what keywords people are finding your ads with. This is the best way to find other keywords that you didn't think about that you will want to use, as well as finding any negative keywords you know you don't want your ad appearing in. This can be done by clicking on the Keywords Tab and clicking the Keyword Details button found just above the report. I highly advise you find some good books and do some serious studying on adwords. There is no way to just waltz in to adwords and make a profit on it without doing so.
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