Quality, Instagram bot or no?

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    What's good guys, I've been watching these instagram bots threads for the longest, and they all seem to end in. "HERP DERP BOT DOESN'T WORK" lol so now I'm wondering what's out there that's working currently? I wouldn't mind paying for a bot that was for sure working with no problem, so there's that.

    So I'm just wondering what's out there, and currently working. I would prefer one with a commenter, liker, follower, and unfollower. One feature that I would like to see is a bot that has a fall back safety of going to the actual instagram website to follow users with private profiles. With the current bots that I've been seeing they just skip over private profiles, but some of the private profiles be the better ones. I assume it's due to the fact that instagram viewers like Webstagram, staigram, etc don't allow you to view or add private profiles, but you can add them from the actual website. So that would be cool.

    But really, I just want to know what's out there, and what's good, free or paid?

    Or and a instagram username twitter scraper would be nice as well....just throwing that out there.
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