Quality Backlinks VS Bulk Backlinks (ie Magic Submitter etc)

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    Hi guys,

    So my site is about 2 months old and I would like your thoughts on the following. I purchased Magic Submitter and wrote some "spun" content and have built about 350 direct links to my site from Bookmarking sites, Videos, Web 2.0, Wordpress Blogs etc and about 350 Backlinks to those sites and have also subscribed to a backling indexing site to let google know they exist. I ALSO wrote about 10-15 comments on high PR blogs manually. Now here's my dilemma:
    When I check "Site:myUrl" Google counts my backlinks somewhere in the range of 150. Most are coming from video sites. The rest are somewhat random, I guess from all the other stuff. If I check my site on AHREFS, they are counting my backlinks at about 16. And guess what? They are all from my manual submissions from the comments I posted. Is building all these links using Magic Submitter a waste since they arent established high PR pages? Should I focus my time just getting paid links on relative high PR sites and just building them by hand? Anyone have insight on the current state of zoo animal we have from Google?
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    "site:myurl" shows the pages of your site that are indexed on google not your backlinks. if you want to know the backlinks google is counting for your domain then use webmaster tools from Google.
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    Edit : You beat me to it Scripteen. :)

    Barant, I'd like to clarify something which may have misunderstood.

    First of all, The "site:" operator can be used to check the total number of indexed pages for a site. The results number you see is not the number of backlinks but indexed pages. I don't know where you see video sites. Also Ahrefs won't update their Index as soon your Magic Submitter campaign is completed. It takes some days or even months to update.

    The worthiness of your backlinks built by MS depends totally upon what type of content those properties have. You can't expect those backlinks to be Juicy especially when they're filled with spun content. Google may index those pages and give you a temporary ranking boost but the Panda algorithm will automatically devalue it later thus a waste of web space, time and effort involved. I'd say take some time to write/buy articles that are useful to the readers. Use MS to automate the sign up and posting process. Quality backlinks can be built in Bulk if you have quality contents aka articles in bulk.