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    I need help on undersanding about profile backlinks and pyramid.

    Says that my site name (A). I do banklink with blog commenting. It is done right which i get the backlink directly and it shows the name of website i leave my link(check on backlinkwatch.com).

    I need to know what to pings on for get the backlinks count
    etheir my site or the site that i left comment (with my site anchor text)???

    One more things about forum profile which i do 20 and more backlinks which mean i left my link on the website column.. Based on my exp i do it on WarriorForum and it is count (show my WF profile backlink when check on backlinkwatch.com). I confuse.. i need to ping what for getting the profile backlink count/shows? Or i need to make a post on forum that i do backlinks???

    Lastly the pyramid things, i only understand about this:

    My site (A) > Social Bookmark >Forum

    Which mean my links, i bookmark it (ex. Reddit) then on my profile website column i put the reddit link(the link from(A))?? WHich mean got link reddit.com/(A)... Then what to makes the 1tier and 2tier links show / count? need to ping? If need to ping what links to ping?? or left it just like that?

    It is correct all of these? because i need to understand the basic things of all these before i can blast all these thing...

    Because all book i read doesnt explain all of these..

    I only understand for 1 way backlinks from comment.

    Help me understand this coz i need to know the right ways and understand what its makes positif result not negatif..
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