[Q]how to earn extra income ?

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    Dear !
    Currently I am doing data entry work on projects captchar. This work has come to me for 4 years .
    By this time the income has not been stable as before . So I want to find a job to increase their income online .
    I do not have any advantages , like it or not good at business . Do not like competition , and prefer to work alone.
    If you know the project yet captchar paid about $ 1 / 1000 24/24 captchar continuous operation . Or how can increase income even a little during the day also.
    I have 2 computers , but refer to many places still do not know which way is right for you to make money . Because I was used to enter data.
    Looking forward to all the helpers , my English is not good . Please ignore .
    Thanks so much,
    Thanks so much for viewing this article!