[Q] Getting Back to Top SERPs Post "alleged" Penalty

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by oscarmike, Feb 17, 2012.

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    Sep 16, 2011
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    As you might have read on my previous thread,
    the mighty google slapped my website. Google could have done so on the grounds of overdone above the fold advertisements and/or because of the use of the WP plugin SearchTerms Tagging 2.

    We could also suspect that i could have overdone link-building because a few weeks before i got "slapped", I just joined with a private blog network though im skeptical about this because i only get a max of 15 links a day per highly spun article posted unlike sb blasts with thousands of links per day.

    Two days post "penalty", i am still outside the top 100 results (i didn't dare to check the actual rank though), garnering me less than 3 uniques per day.

    Instead of crying over this :p , i decided to continue adding optimized content slowly as in 1 article a week. This is my first and only currently operational website so this means a lot to me as this is where i am learning SEO and other IM strategies.

    Do you think that this strategy is good, or am i wasting time with this new effort? Do you think i should still do back linking even though i am penalized?
    Could you help me with other strategies to help my site "escape" the google slap and rank highly again?

    your inputs, suggestions, tips and words of encouragement are highly appreciated. :p