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    Myself and a friend have set up a couple of relatively successful businesses of late and have been managing everything from a standard Gmail account with a bit more of an advanced set up.

    What we really need is a mail box that sends these emails to two inbox's so that we can both read the incoming emails without them showing as read/unread to both of us.

    In most cases we can see if an adequate response has been sent but it would also be handy to have a more a more efficient solution in that area too.

    So the question is for people who have serious email inbox's set up, which do you believe is the best solution out there and do you have any recommended settings for two people who live on complete opposite sides of the world so they can make communicating with customers a little easier?

    Any replies would be greatly appreciated as we're certainly in two minds about what to do here.
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    It sounds like what you're looking to do is really simple. You just want an email to automatically be forwarded to two addresses every time it lands in an inbox, right? You can do that in most forwarders. If you have your own domain, just go to your cPanel setup and enter two email addresses in the email forwarding section.
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    This exactly, simply set up a forwarder. (Be sure to set it so it keeps a copy of the email instead of just transfering it though).
    I'm using this myself to route all my emails from different business addresses.

    You can even setup a forwarder from gmail settings, in the POP/IMAP tab.