[Q] Does Wiki Backlink Worth?

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    Oct 26, 2011
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    Hello there,
    im new and in task on making Backlink..
    Since this is my first study so a lot of question accross on my head
    I would like to make this wiki backlinks on second tiers which my first tiers are artiles directories

    Based on question
    1. Does wiki backlinks are worth in increasing SERP?
    2. How much words article need to make for posting in wiki
    3. Which place need to put articles is it on "user page" or "discussion" section?
    4. How many outbound link (mean that 1 link to money site and 1 link to article directories) are good?? 1 links or 2 links inside articles?

    Hope you all SEO PRo answering all my question..:eek: