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    Whats up ma beatiful people with them black hats, i hope everybody has a wonderful day so far, lets get right into my question.

    I have arround 50k people across social media accounts in the anime niche wich i never intended to monetize, however i see alot of people uploading "Funny Anime scene " " Top 10 Anime ... ", so i thought hey why not give it a shoot, ive been studying my this niche on youtube for quite some time, and saw that the bann rate in wich accounts dissapear are quite high, out of 20 sites i analzyed over 3 months 19 got deleted, im pretty sure cause of copyright strikes, however 1 account is still active.

    What i noticed about this one in particular is he uploads top 10 animes but only puts pictures there without any video, ofc that will get him less views then all of the other ones, but he still reaches into the millions.

    So my question is, how would someone go arround uploading anime content without acutally getting copyright striked, dont get me wrong 1 strike every other months is okay and i can live with that.

    But getting the channel shutdown after a couple months wont to good either.

    Ive been thinking about doing kind of 1:30 min trailers using only pictures i found via google image search.

    Anyone got any other advice?