pyramid vs mlm

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    Aug 14, 2012
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    so ive looked it up and the difference between pyramid and mlm seems to be you have to make over half of the money from selling a product vs recruiting new members.
    so say i am selling a shirt for 30 dollars and with that shirt comes the oppertunity to sign people up under you by getting them to buy a shirt. This mean recruting new members and selling the product would be intertwind. I know ive seen something similar to this valueing the oppertunity to sign others up as over the price you are paying or also saying their guide on how to sell to others in valued over or equal to the sign-up fee but in this case the customer is getting an actual product. There would be a commision structure with you making a percentage of 2-3 levels under you rather then a straight commision as this would entice more people. i know its walking a fine line and id rather not go to jail but which side am i treading on.