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Sep 9, 2009
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Hello blackhatworld

For the past couple of months I have perfected a method of PVA creation using real phone numbers from real people. With this method I have been creating between 300-350 pvas a day. That number is limited only by me, as I have to send the text message/phone call, and then plug the verification code back into the website.

Anyways, What I am seeking is basically a posting partner. I had a deal set up with somebody that sells daily leads by the 1,000 - I was giving him 15 pvas/day for 80-90 posts (that's what he usually posts to get 1,000 leads for his clients) The problem I had with him was that he was indian, and we couldn't communicate properly. His posts really weren't what I was expecting either, and so I don't think I was receiving my full potential.

The "pay" and our deal in general is negotiable. I would like to speak with anybody interested via a chat program. I have my screen names here on blackhatworld, so just IM me, and we can talk there.

Also: I am not only looking for posting partners. If you think you may have something to bring to the table, such as possible automation, etc, please contact me. Do not expect me to give away the method, because that is something I will not do.
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I Have multiple PMs in my inbox regarding this, and I am still looking for more people to talk to. If you're interested, please contact me via IM, but also leave a post in this thread.
HI there, contacted you via aim, just letting you know im interested. thanks
Why not just sell the PVA's, $6 a piece.

If my math is correct, 300 * 6 = $1,800 daily, and you say it's scaleable as well.
Why not just sell the PVA's, $6 a piece.

If my math is correct, 300 * 6 = $1,800 daily, and you say it's scaleable as well.

I do sell them, I sell them wholesale. It doesn't look like you read the post very carefully. I'm basically looking for cl posters to scale up what I have here.
so you want people to post for you or you want people to follow your method to create pva's? or what do you really want?

Sorry. I have found a JV partner. If I could close this thread, I would.

But since I can't,
If anybody thinks they have something to offer, go ahead and contact me.
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