PVA, proxy change and initial ips.

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Mr Ubix, Mar 17, 2017.

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    I just get some PVA on accounts i'm using for about 3 weeks.
    I try to see the whole picture, and it's hard for me to imagine how to trick IG.

    Look, I bought this accounts, I think they were created using some residential (mobile phone) IPs, then I put them on new proxies, which are certaily far away from initial ips (literally and figuratively).
    And now I have to make PVA using my sim cards and all of this just doesn't add up.
    So it's not strange that IG can easly discover, which accounts are just nothing more than bots...

    What should I do ? Just use my country sim cards or buy PVA (what guarantee do I have that they will not use this sim cards after 3 months to confirm some others accounts, and I get bans even not knowing whence?)
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    Did you get the cookies?
    This is a vital point when buying accounts.
    IG receives device ID, useragent, cookies and a bunch of other info when you access their service.
    IP changes are not that big of a problem since people travel all over the world.

    If you hop on a plane and travel to other countries, the device ID, cookies, useragent, etc. stay the same and you just use the app regulairly, there won't be a problem.
    However if all those values are different and you log in from a new location this is very fishy to IG and they can tell this is either a stolen account or somebody selling accounts.

    This heavily depends on the account history. Has the account uploads? Did it browse the popular page? How old is it? Old accounts with some actions on them are generally more resistent to PVA even when you log in at a new location.

    So when you want to buy accounts you need to check if the seller can give you these values specific to the account (cookies, etc.) and to check how old the account is. How many uploads, etc.

    You could try to PVA your accounts but then there's a chance you receive an instaban after that is done so try with a few accounts first to confirm that.

    Safest is always to create the accounts yourself using an emulator. You could use a laptop and go to public wifis to register accounts yourself depending on how many you need.
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    You have to accept that your accounts with get banned, pva, etc.. This is just the nature of Instagram.

    I recommend investing into more accounts and testing this out for yourself and not necessarily be worried with small setbacks such as this. My accounts regularly get PVA, I verify them, and they run fine afterwards.

    If I were in your situation though, I would split test your country's sims and the pva #'s.

    Hope this helped.