Put adsense in your twits and make $$$


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Sep 30, 2009
i havent seen this around here so i thought i should post it. It is called
. It is an url shortner that will alow you to enter your adsense id or you can put a banner with anny link up there. The add is placed on the top of the screen and below it there is the page that you linkd to when you shortened the url.
You would enter your twitter account so that you can enter your adsense id or make your banner. I advise that after you shorten the url with nxy you should go to bt.ly and shorten it again so that you wont get banned from twitter and because all the links on twitter are shorten with bt so you will get more clicks this way.
You should choose adsense if you link to borring pages and if you link to youtube links or gossip (this get a lot of clicks) put a banner on top. you could link to pages like cas*hcrate or anastasia because they have the best paid to sign up i know. The first will pay you 1$ for each sign up after you have 50 referrals and the second pays 5$ for free sign up to that dating site. I know you wont get refarrals that easily but if you place adsense above that will bring you $$ or go the other way and post links people will click like "now thats a good looking girl" or you name it, anythig as long as it gets clicks and place banners on top of the page.
In order to make this on a greater scale i advise you to use Twitter Friend adder pro that you can buy it from around here (i am not advertising but i must say that i have searched for a cracket version but could not find one that works. i only found a craked version foe 3.2.2 but it dosent work anymore, if you dont belive me go and search for it. i advise you to buy this because it can make you a lot o accounts, modify, add friends and post twitts on a masive scale. You have the free option for this one and that is make just 10 accounts and follow, unfollow and post twits with free programs found here but you need a lot of followers to get enoght money to worth the effort.
This method done on a massive scale can bring some good money into your pockets.
I hope i covered everything. By the way i`ve seen clicks in my adsense account so nxy actually posts your ads a high procentage of the time. I mean from time to time they place theyr own ads on your link but you get yours up there to.
I thought i should give something back to blackat. I hope this helps. thanks are welcomed if you enjoyd it !
Isnt this method gonna get you banned faster than porn star at a feminist meeting? .... Doesnt sounf like the sort of thing google approve of to me.
i tried making twitter accounts the safe way each with a diffrent ip, adding only 200 a day, posting twitts and making the page very appealing and still got some flagged so yes this method will ban your acc sooner or later but it dosent matter because with automated soft it is extremely easy to make new acc and add a lot of twitter users. it can be fully automated and uses adsense that`s why i like it
I will put my adsense on twitter IF there is new option coming in my adsense account like:
* Adsense for Twitter

couldnt you just post links to your blogger feeds that have google adsense for feeds on them????, people may click on the ads.
Isnt this method gonna get you banned faster than porn star at a feminist meeting? .... Doesnt sounf like the sort of thing google approve of to me.

I don't see anything against it in their TOS...
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