Push back Google search results! Paying TOP dollar!


Mar 9, 2014
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I need to push back on page 10 or 15 or futher... some search results for a Persons Name.
There are 4 links only. It can be done with some footprint spam SEO.

I need to get this done ASAP 10 - 20 days max.
I will pay you handsomely if you get this done on time

Skype me now bon.bonmee
You need to tell us which domain the result is on that you want pushed back.

LinkedIn, major publications, .edu sites will be next to impossible to drop that far for an exact name search unless it's "Joe Smith"
I own a professional reputation management company and will tell you there are probably less than 5 people in the world with the resources and skills to do what you're asking.

Pushing a negative back 10 pages is not easy.
Pushing 4 negatives back 10 pages is not easy.
Pushing 4 negatives back 10 pages in 20 days is not cheap.

Unless you're looking at a budget around $15k, you're not paying enough and will very likely fail.

In order for this to work I would basically do everything that I do for all of my clients at an accelerated rate. This would include about 500,000 links per day (no blog comments, forum profiles or junk like that), press releases, web 2.0's, PBN links, posts on my personal reputation management domains, posts on my partners syndicated domains and more. I would likely put two people on it full time for the next 20 days. Even with all of that there is a chance it wouldn't be done past page 10 in 20 days.

Here is a recent client that took a little longer than 20 days but dropped to about page 20.
Hey guys Im new here and need the same service for a friend of mine. Hes a business owner and had some legal run-ins that he wants to put behind him and get as far back as possible on goolge and other sites. I cant message people yet so please send me a quote of packages I can let him know.
I would concur with B Hopkins I do some reputation repair for an industry I work in, and its fucking no joke difficult. 4 undesirables - pushed 10 pages back? That's harder than Michelle Obama's man shoulders. You have casually requested one of the most difficult tasks possibly imaginable and tossed out a brisk 20 day time frame like it's easy breezy.
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