Pure video site, minimal text, what to do?


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Nov 11, 2009
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Well I have a site that is purely for adsense and is completely all videos except for a article and possibly a few more articles that will be added in the future. My question is how do I get all of the post pages on my site listed if they are embeded videos from youtube. Should I add some keyword rich content under each post video? or are there are things to do with video sites, thanks in advance.
hmm cant you just use senuke or another video distribution site to gain more ranking for videos and inturn your site
Well I am preety much keeping this site whitehat, so I probably won't be using senuke. If google loves video, then I should be fine, even if they are embeded and not playing off my host provider? Yeah I definitely need to start adding text to each post. LSI keywords. Long string .....?
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I have several video sites in the bodybuilding niche that are embedded video only.

It has been easy to get them ranking well, it happens quickly, and you don't need huge amounts of text.

What you do need is titles and descriptions that are different from the original video source. This can be as simple as changing word order and capitalization for the titles, but I usually rewrite them completely.

A unique description is essential but can be as short as a single sentence, if it is unique. I add a "branding" to each description as well, usually a couple of keyword phrases.
Great thanks. I will keep that in mind, and hopefully can get to changing some of those this weekend.
submit a sitemap to google. I run a video website, very minimal text other than title, h1, and a one sentance paragraph. My daily traffic is about 700uv, most of my traffic comes from google video search. Sitemaps for the win!
yeah I have roughly 14,000 videos, each with their own page, and Google has indexed roughly 8,000 of the videos, that all rank pretty good. All In One SEO works awesome, even for video posts with 0 text.
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