pure or general niche???

I would suggest that if you're just starting out, the best option would be to just reverse-engineer the top websites in whatever niche you're thinking of targeting.

A lot of people are thinking that the more microscopic or laser-targeted their niche, the better their chances of success.

This is not necessarily true.

You have to understand that there is such a thing as market size.

And if you are late to the game, which I assume you are, in any kind of micro-niche, your competitors are going to have a strategic advantage.

Why shouldn't they?

They've been there much longer than you.

They know how the game works.

They have their content out there.

They are learning from their mistakes.

The key here is to reverse-engineer what works.

Figure out a niche that is very specific but not so specific that you are probably going to take forever to rank, if at all.

The key here is to look for a niche that gives you some leeway to drill down or to move sideways into another niche.

This can be health, finance — you name it.

The key is to focus on that sweet spot in the middle instead of drilling down into a micro-niche or zooming out so broadly that you end up with a general niche.

Once you find the mid-niche target that you would be happy with, look for the top sites that constantly rank for the keywords related to that niche.

You can easily do this for free by using Google's Keyword Selection tool.

Now that you have those websites, use a paid SEO tool to figure out the keywords that they rank for.

Filter out these keywords in terms of difficulty and monthly search volume.

Once you have this filtered list of keywords, enter them one by one into Google, and critique the results that you're getting.

Are the results the best possible?

Do they actually deliver on the search intent behind those keywords?

You should create a list of keywords that are badly served.

These keywords are going to form the foundation of your site.

When you build your content around these keywords, focus on search intent.

Pretend you are the searcher of these keywords, and ask yourself:

What kind of content would I like to see?

How would I be satisfied?

How would my needs be met?

And finally and most importantly, ask yourself: What kind of content would I like to see that would make me want to click on another link inside this website to learn more?

Once you figure out the answers to these, you have the basics of your new website.

Of course, the key to success is to monitor your results.

Are people clicking all the way through?

Are they bouncing out?

How do you maximize retention?

How do you maximize the amount of pages people read per visit?

Once you figure all of these out, then you're well on your way to blogging success.
Pure or general does not matter . Its depend upon your way of interest
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