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Purchased MediaTemplate Hosting (GS). Please Post your review !!!!

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by kris1911, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. kris1911

    kris1911 Registered Member

    Jul 25, 2009
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    Helo :) (Assume As Hello)

    I have just purchased hosting account from MediaTemplate. Before purchasing i went through the reviews made by customers by searching in google. I found lots of negative reviews and few good reviews too. I have purchased the (gs) hosting that costs $20/ month.

    If you have already used the service then please post your review about its quality service.

    Also suggest me if there is better choice. My sites get front page in digg, reddit etc so you can suggest me best option if you have any minding the budget around $20/ months.

  2. rnc505

    rnc505 Regular Member

    Oct 28, 2008
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    I currently use MediaTemple as for my father's special needs basketball programs website.

    We current have the same (gs) hosting as you so I though that my review will be of great help to you.

    First off GPUs are really confusing. they give you 1000 GPUs/month - great.... now what are GPUs? right? well basically 1000 GPUs/month is that same as using 10% CPU usage continuously for 1 month. and since you can peak and trough, this is great if for 5 hours a day you use 20% CPU and the other 19 hours you use 0.1% total.... Basically its cluster/cloud server hosting.

    The problem will giving you much more info about their service is that my dads site is 100% flash so we use barely 0.1 GPU per like week as flash is downlaoded into the client side browser. So speed test wise, my medium sized flash file which has to download via xml info loads pretty fast (of course that also has to do with the PC its working on), but the xml loads quickly.

    Also, the customer service is pretty great - in my opinion. Which I haven't really had to deal with their CS, the few times I have had to, it was pretty good experience. Also, if their are logins that seem out of the ordinary (login from a foreign place or a transparent proxy that forwards a shady ip), they will call you up, double check with you about the logins and request that you change passwords, etc.

    My site isn't very visited (less than 100 daily), so I can't comment on high popularity visits and what happens but since they have the PEAK/TROUGH Cloud/cluster server type thing this may be perfect for you.

    Other options:
    if you would be willing for maybe $30/$40/month - check out HostGator's new VPS hosting... $20 a month won't get you cPanel, although neither does MediaTemple (gs)....

    Good luck,