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Note: I didn't write this, I don't take part in P&D's. I had it written and it's not quite to my needs so I decided to post it. If you're looking for one of my sweary and offensive posts please read another one of my threads.

Digging Out the Perception of Crypto Pump and Dump

The tragic part is that digital currency has now borrowed the term Pump and Dump from stock promotion scams. People have become oblivious to the fact that Pump and Dump can have a positive scenario as well.

Now, this is how it works when traders go the negative way.

The investors try to promote their cryptocurrency in an illegal way. What they do is that buy the coins at cheap rates.

Next, they sell the cryptocurrency once the price of the coin rises due to an increase in the interest. Well, in the digital currency world announcements are used as a form of promoting the coin. For example, you may find posts about a coin on the forum. You may find expert tips on troll box chats.

The Perfect Example of a Pump Scam
If you are still confused about the Pump scenario, let us explain it by a practical example. What some of the traders do is that they start to buy a huge quantity of the coins.

These investors usually go for those coins that have a low trading volume. Let us assume that the volume of trading is about 100 Bitcoins each day. The investor cashes on the moment and buys about 50 Bitcoins. The Pump Scam works perfectly when there is no liquidity in the market.

Now the strategy that the trader adopts is that he starts to raise the price. The other traders also get this information about the trending coin depending upon the promotion medium used. During this process, this trending coin experiences a price hike from day to day.

For example, the price may increase by 50% every passing day.

This price hike attracts other traders as well. They become inclined towards making short-term profits. Tragically some of the beginner traders also get lured towards the profits. The real problem is that these traders do not have any knowledge about the market.

When the scam investor notices that the price has become quite high, then this is the point he starts selling the Bitcoin. This means that scam investor will be able to generate a lot of profit while the new traders who end up buying the coin will have losses coming their way.

Varying Means Used to Promote the Pump and Dump Scheme
It might come up as a surprise for you, but usually, the emails and phone are the common medium for the promotion of the pump and dump schemes.

Now what usually happens is that you receive a call from a person who promises a low risk, high reward investment opportunity you just cannot ignore by any means.

You will get to see the scammers marketing the penny stocks through the company website or bulletin boards. Even online newsletters or blogs can be used as a medium for promotion. Now you may also come across fake press releases that may be promoting the pump and dump schemes.

These promoters claim that they have impending development. They might also claim that they have got authentic market data about the cryptocurrency. However, this is just a well-laid trap for the new investors.

How to Detect a Coin That Is Getting Primed for A Pump and Dump
Well, as a novice you might be wondering how you will detect a pump and dump in the first place. We will just make things easy for you. It will be quite easy for you to detect the buying patterns in the graph.


Image Reference: cryptocoinsnews.com

Looking at the graph above you will be able to understand the entire scenario with ease. The initial pattern shows the player buying the coin.

The minute the player starts to promote the coin; the graph starts to move a bit up. When then graph reaches its ultimate peak the player decides to sell the coin. Now one thing that you need to remember is that the scammers will be using different accounts.

Moreover, there may be many players involved who will make the utmost attempt to make it look real.

Unveiling The Positive Side of Pump and Dump
There are always two sides of the picture. Now we have already talked about the fact that some people are misusing Pump and Dump.

There are some investors who are making use of Pump and Dump to achieve more from this scheme in a positive way. For example, there are some investors who buy cryptocurrency in the Dump scenario.

However, they do not sell off all the coins in the pump situation. Now, these are the potential investors who do not intend to kill the coin. The real clue is that the coin needs to be pumped right to retain its value.

How to Pump Altcoins Technically and Positively
If you decide to pump the Altcoins, then the most important decision for you is that you need to choose the exchange with wisdom.

The best move on your part will be to opt in for an exchange that offers the biggest liquidity. Currently, the best exchanges to try out Cryptocurrency Trading are Poloniex, Yobit, and Bittrex.

When you decide to pump on the main exchange, then you it is essential that you follow the other ones as well. If you do not adopt this approach, then there is a risk that someone might end up killing your pump.

The simple strategy is to opt for self-buy. The good news is that you do not need multiple accounts or even a bot for this purpose.

Most of the exchanges permit you to opt for self-buy or self-sell using the same account without a problem. When the pump is about to start, then all you need to do is place your sell orders across the exchange. On the left, you need to put your buy orders. Well, in 90% of the cases you try to buy back your own coins. The 10% to 20% ratio can be of other coins. Next, you need to set your price ratio. This is technically termed as the buying support.

The benefit of this practice is that it tends to make the coin stable at the pumped price before opting in for the all-time high and eventually going down.

When you make the decision of buying or selling the coins, then you need to have one clear perception in your mind. You need to know exactly how much you are willing to invest or lose because this will decide the future line of action for you.

When you are investing in coins, remember the fact that ethics need to stand supreme. The way you can indulge in positive pumping is by opting in for the good coins only. Moreover, you should make an attempt to raise the price of these coins.

The Clues to Legitimate Pump and Dump
To understand the mechanism of Pump and Dump you should be able to try it at your own end. It is quite understandable that you might not be willing to invest a lot in this practice.

You should start with purchasing the cheap coins yourself. Now there is a margin for you to make money before the pump starts. The real skill is that you should be able to spot the signs of the pump. Even if you join the scheme late and pumping has already commenced, then you still have the margin to make profits.

However, the risk will be greater if you decide to opt in for this option. Moreover, the profits are also going to be less. A better strategy will be that you should enter the market fast and exit it equally fast if you intend to make a decent profit.

If you want to be pumped in on the next coin, then there are people out there who charge you a fee for this.

For example, you might have to pay about $0.5 for a coin. However, the real test is that you should be able to determine whether the investors you are joining in are scammers or legitimate investors.

Platforms That Support Pump and Dump Scheme
Well, this platform can be termed as the Cryptocurrency voting community. This community makes the things easy for the new investor. The community plays a crucial role in selecting the coin that needs to be pumped.

Now what this system does is that they monitor the actual market to come up with authentic information related to the pump and dump scenario.

This platform announces a public election on about 200 coins. The objective is to choose about 50 coins for the private member.

The community members are then allowed three days for voting on the coin privately for determining the top voted coin. Next, the platform will announce the top coins to the community, and they can start to buy on an immediate basis.

Now, this yet another platform that you can choose with confidence. This system apparently seems to be offering a fair pump facility. When they make an announcement, they call it the proof of fair pump.

This means that everyone who is part of the group has a fair chance to make the same amount of profits and the risk level is also the same for all the investors. Even the group organizers have the same chance of profits and the losses as well.

When a pump is about to happen, then a list of about 8 to 16 Altcoins is created at that point of time and is published.

Once the announcement has been made, then one of the coins will experience a pump. The coin that holds the interest will be randomized publically depending upon the predefined future blockchain hash.

The target block hash will be defined 20 minutes’ prior the pump. The first character of the hash will decide which coin needs to be pumped as per the coin list. The fair part is that no one will be able to predict the block hashes. This is why no one will be able to buy the coins before the announcement.

The pump volumes of this platform are between 5 to 50 BTC. The increase in price is about 100%. You can opt for both the flash pumps and the slow pumps when you decide to opt for this platform.

However, it is not quite possible to predict the duration of an actual pump. The truth is that this platform does have a potential for increasing the pump volume. When more participants are there, then the pump is bound to be more durable. This platform has also got their recent pumps listed on their website which shows their profitability.

Well, this can also be a valuable option if you are planning to invest in pump and dump systems. It is a cliometric trading tool.

Moreover, it offers many different features such as a big table that has all the coins in one place traded on Bittrex and Poloniex. It also presents the past daily volumes, so this is why it will not be a problem for you to realize your earning potential. Coindata.io also offers daily price exchange. Coindata.io offers a price excursion as well.

This feature offers you the facility to check if a price has already spiked up or down.

For understanding the concept of the pump and dump you are also offered 4 hours and 30 minutes’ candlestick charts that have the live data. Additionally, the platform offers notifications to the user to inform them of the fact if a coin is being pumped. You can even access these features in the mobile view when you opt for Coindata.io.

Coindata.io offers a trial for a limited price so you can even test this platform to check out if it will work for you in the long run or not.

You should not compromise on the trial. The reason is that this way you will get a fair chance to explore the platform and check out the fact if it will be beneficial for you. It is also important that you compare the fee structure of the platforms. The most important thing that you need to make a note of is that the platform needs to offer you an opportunity for future growth.

Plus, you should be able to pick out the red flags regarding the scam platforms. This way you will not end up making the wrong choices. If you find the owner or platform creator information missing, then you should drop that idea of opting for such a platform right away.

As your experience grows, it will not be a problem for you to decipher between the legitimate Pump and Dump schemes and the illegitimate one. This is why you are strongly recommended to use your discretion in this regard to avoid a loss.

The Real Benefits of the Pump and Dump Scheme for Crypto
· Now pump and dump hold immense significance because the cryptocurrency markets never tend to close down and they are open 24/7.

· The good news is that many of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts are tech savvy. They can perceive the build trading algorithm with ease. Moreover, they can automate the scheme without a problem.

· The biggest edge that cryptocurrency traders get is that they can enjoy a certain level of anonymity when they decide to take a plunge into trading in comparison to the traditional traders.

· Moreover, Altcoins are much smaller than the traditional trading units. This is why it will become much easier for you to pump with a small amount of money available.

Tips for The Pump and Dump Scheme in Crypto
Well when you opt for Pump and Dump scheme, then it is essential to know why the price is spiking. When you want authentic information, then you should opt for the trusted resources only. You can verify the authenticity of a platform through Google searches and different platforms as well.

Now if you decide to take a plunge into the Pump and Dump scheme, then it is necessary that you should have significant knowledge in this regard. This is why you should invest a fair amount of time in educating yourself about this scheme.

Most of the platforms offer contact information. This is why you should make it a point to raise your set of questions so that you are fully satisfied with the chosen system and get the answers to your questions as well.

If you feel that you lack the insight regarding pump and dump, then the best approach will be to opt for mini courses.

These courses can equip you for crypto trading. Plus, whenever you come across the advice of an expert trader, you should study it in the light of market research. This is how you will realize the authenticity of the information. This is termed as playing safe in the cryptocurrency market.


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I can see why it's not quite to your needs.

Reading it is like driving down a rocky road with no shocks.


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We are marketing people, our skills at marketing a coin on some sort of scale like this could make serious/stupid/disgusting money.
It would work with pretty much any random low priced coin out there. Makes me think that even paid advertising could work, not to mention bots for social media and power of those for pumping it up + signing up those guys as affiliates. With all the hype already made regarding crypto stuff recently, pre-sales phase seems already completed by everyone else.


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Fuck that's detailed!
I listen to a podcast called Bitcoin Uncensored, and they frequently call our many shitcoin pump and dumps.

From what I've seen it's basically scamming teenagers who have no concepts on how trading or crypto works.

Social engineering is crazy!


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My tip is to just avoid pumps UNLESS you're the pumper :) I used to pump n dump coins, made good money quickly but I never partook unless I either pre-bought, knew the hosts or was part of it. Chances are very slim you'll just get lucky.. soooo.. always be careful.


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Just buy the fucking dip and you will make money soon!

Like seriously! Buy the fucking dip or you're a fucking idiot!

Normally I'd say that's a stupid idea because of different trends, and usually dips don't always go back to normal. But in this bull market, any coin you buy which is safe in the top 10 ,15 whatever has a high chance it'll turn a profit haha


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If you are looking to own a pump group, I am selling one. PM me if interested


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That's some serious native writing shit you got there Ste. Seven paragraphs starting with the word 'now'. And fuck knows how many more times the word 'now' has been over used, probably enough times to make this thread rank for the word 'now'.


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My tip is to just avoid pumps UNLESS you're the pumper :) I used to pump n dump coins, made good money quickly but I never partook unless I either pre-bought, knew the hosts or was part of it. Chances are very slim you'll just get lucky.. soooo.. always be careful.

Can you give me some advice about Pump and dumping?

How can I get people to do this? Telegram is a good option? Can we talk on PW ? :)