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    Facebook is trying hard to prevent profile information especially e-mail addresses extracting from their site, so many of automated programs are going useless everyday.

    What do I offer?

    I can pull out thousands of e-mails of your profile friends. They will be in pretty comma seperated list for example:

    onemail, secondmail, thirdmail

    and so on.

    It's your imagination how to use the e-mails. Many people use them for advertisements, some people use e-mails to send mass facebook messages, getting new friends, and so on.

    My price is $10 per 1000 facebook e-mails

    Note that I don't use any programs so I will be able to pull out e-mails for ever.

    Only verified paypal or Lithuanian bank transactions are accepted

    If you are interested, leave me your contacts in PM or write me to skype eimantass2011
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