Publishing Rights Gone - Solution

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    Okay guys here it goes.

    I know that I'm new here but I probably have one of the most valuable pieces of information. How to still post to your wall with lost publishing rights.

    Use this method at your own risk;

    1) Sign up for the fan Appz application to your fan page. Located at: (free version)
    2) Once added, go to your fan page and click on edit
    3) Go the Fan Appz application and click on edit
    4) Click create a quiz
    5) Make any sort of quick up, it doesn't really matter, then hit PUBLISH
    6) A box will now popup offering you some space to write to your pages wall
    7) Done.

    Use this at your own risk, I have used for my page and so far up, but obviously it is a risky business.

    Thnx :)
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