Public experiment “Retweet Marathon”. Participants wanted!

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    Hello, dear BHW members! We are the Twidium team, we plan to hold a public experiment ? "Retweets Marathon."
    Recently we've conducted a non-public experiment to determine the influence of retweets on the position of sites in SERP, which showed quite pleasing results. Anyone can take part in our marathon.
    At the end of the experiment, all participants will receive gifts from the Twidium team.
    Applications are accepted until 18th of January, 15.00 (GMT-5). Each participant will be added to a list with it's own ordinal number.
    To take part in our marathon, please, send your applications to [email protected]. Please, use accounts only!

    Specify ?Retweets? in the subject of the letter. Then add:

    • a link on your twitter account, which you will use in the marathon. It should be at least 2 month old with no less than 50 tweets and 100 followers account.
    • A link on your profile on this forum.
    • Specify which one of our products (Inviter or Accounter) you want to receive as a gift at the end of the marathon.

    In return you'll receive a download link with extended trial key with your email as an username.

    By 12.00 (GMT-5) of 19th each member should:
    • post 2 tweets in their account. Each tweet should contain one hyperlink and a keyword text. It is advisable to use keywords which are not in TOP-30.
    • Contact us at [email protected] and specify:

    1. 2 links to their tweets;
    2. 2 keywords used in their tweets;
    3. current position of their keywords in SERP of Google (each member should check the positions in the most convenient way. But it is important to use the same way at the beginning an at the end of an experiment.).

    In a return, a member will receive a quick note and a reminder not to do any actions on website promotion during the experiment.
    Experiment is public, so all data collected from users will be available online to all experiment participants.

    After that we will form a table of actions which will include 9 days from 20th of January (excluding weekends) and share it among participants.

    This table will show each participant what to do every specific day, namely:
    1. Name of the user to follow this specific day.
    2. List of two tweets of this user. Participant should follow this user and retweet his two tweets.
    3. Add to favorites one of the user tweets (randomly).
    4. Change yellow cell color to green in the table of actions.

    To the 15.00 (GMT-5) on 31th of January each participant should contact us at [email protected] and specify new positions in SERP of the promoted keywords.

    And now the most pleasant part. On the 1st of February each participant will receive bonuses from Twidium team. Each member will receive +1 additional month of software, they chosen at the beginning of the experiment. Those of you, who'll share results of an experiment in their personal blogs/websites will receive a 4 month license key. Furthermore, 5 best blogposts will be granted with 6 month license! Please note, to receive this bonuses you should not miss a single day!