Psycics and PPC accounts

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    So I have a client, I just got this last week.

    The business is a psycic that does a number of readings and "spells". The person explained to me that all people in that niche have to use a "Google partner" type person to have their PPC ads stay live.

    From what was told to me, is that the industry has some kind of backlash against them. Like as if Google has sort of vendetta against them.

    Now if you believe in it or not. Makes no difference to me. But what was said is that the individual accounts will get terminated by Google at will. All the time! So its a must to use a partner.


    1. Does anyone have any knowledge about this?
    2. WTF is the deal with the "Google Partner account" Thing? And How does a web team become one?
    3. Any info That can help me understand wtf is up with this.

    Thanks in advance
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    I do have knowledge about what you are speaking about. Usually ads get terminated in individual account, but the ads stay live in google partner account. That happens, because it depends upon reviewal process.

    For individual account, there is higher chance of getting it banned. Add me on skype at sbulplanet, i will let you know more details, and how to become one.
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    Please read the following page for more details regarding Google Partners Program.

    P.S. If you would like some one to provide you a white label service and has a 'Google Partners' badge, let us know.