Ps3 vs xbox 360 console controller what's best?

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    Ps3 vs xbox 360 controller notebook computer?PS3 Controllers have improved a lot ever since they were first shown up by people who are included with the Nintendo Wii. According to human kinetics, the Wii's "nun chucks" were revolutionary and instant attention-getters, so that it was only after 3 years from the release that your Wii console became widely available for your purchases.

    PS3 controllers now also offer game play dependant on user movements, with on-board accelerometers to process a rush of spatial data. These improved controllers are now almost standard with the Ps3, and a lot of software titles now use the new capabilities to feature much improved gameplay plus a more immersive experience all over.

    PS3 controllers, however, may face their greatest threat from Microsoft's new brand of Xbox 360 console Controllers. Microsoft is focusing on a much more revolutionary style of user interface that will greatly assist to further blur the increasingly thin line between man and machine. Long the stuff of science fiction and comic books, this new controller will obliterate the requirement for controllers - physical controllers, anyway; hardware that's located in one's hand. These new soon-to-come Xbox 360 system controllers would actually be electronic eyes which sense player movements in space, and never hand-held objects with accelerometers that do the sensing. Microsoft's most ominous challenge for the Ps3 is born out next year or two, mounted separately in the console but, sensing user movements, provides data towards console. Attempt to imagine playing videogames without a penny a lot more than your personal body and body movements!