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    I just joined this forum and I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this or not. If it isn't, I am sorry and feel free to move it wherever it needs to go.

    I'm looking into selling our extra PRWeb Premium Press Releases

    Premium PRWeb Releases regularly run $369.

    I just wanted feedback from you guys on a few things to see if the service is worth it or not. Note: I am not selling these yet and I understand this is not the advertising forum. I simply just want some feedback to see if this would be a viable endeavor for us and to gauge interest. The responses we get here will largely determine whether we run with this idea or not.

    A couple of things:

    1) We're looking to potentially sell our Premium PRWeb Press Releases for $220 a piece, submission only. $270 if you wanted us to write the press release. The press release is going to go to a 5 star US based writer that specializes in Press Releases and specifically in getting accepted into PRWeb and optimizing your Press Release so more outlets are interested in picking it up (getting more bang for your buck). We want the AP, USAToday, etc picking up your Press Release.

    2) This may or may not be a good price point for people looking to use PRWeb for SEO. This service is priced with traffic in mind, not necessarily SEO although it could obviously be worth it for that modality alone.

    3) You're working with a professional US company, no overseas outsourcers, who speak 100% English, and understand how to provide exceptional customer support. You will have access to all reporting metrics we get from PRWeb (screenshots) and any information that's available to us through PRWeb would be available to you.

    Do you think people would be interested in this? If so, could you make an educated guess at what we could expect the volume each month to be? I understand it's only a guess, we would just be happy if you made one :)