Proxy Scraping Max Connections - Only A Max. 3 Connections?

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    I am on a rather measly 10MB/780kb (10044kBit s/790kBit s) DSL connection.

    I ran the Proxy Goblin Network analysis to find the optimal maximum number of connections to use, and it told me that 5 would be the most I can use without data loss....and 3 would be "recommended".

    In Scrapebox etc. when I scrape I am usually using 20 or so connections..and some people I heard saying they use 10x the amount of connection as they have proxies in their list. (So if I have 20 proxies 200 would be good, assuming my PC and net can handle it).

    The recommended THREE max. connections from Proxy Goblin seems awfully low to me..I cannot explain this. My PC is not THAT bad (it's a Q6600 3.6Ghz quad core, Win8.1, 4GB ram), 1GB network and as said 10MB/768k average DSL connection. Not great but could also be much worse.
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