Proxy Questions! Need Answers, HELP!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by 1upLives, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Okay so I'm tinkering with proxies and I have a question that could use answering...

    When I use my proxies with FoxyProxy, do I also need to add my proxies to my SEO applications like SEnuke or Market Samurai as well?

    If so, do the proxies used for all aps need to be using the same active proxy? Or does it not matter? Like can I use a set of different proxies for SEnuke, NMS, and FoxyProxy at the same time?

    If I don't add proxies to these applications and just use foxyproxy am I still covered as far as security? Or can Google still see my original IP when I use SEnuke cause I didn't add proxies?

    Big Thanks!
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    As foxyproxy is a firefox addon/plugin it will only have impact on firefox. So other programs, like Market Samurai, which are not linked to FF in any way will not use them. So you can use different proxies in every proogram :)
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    Foxy proxy effects browsers.

    Some tools that use embeded IE may be effected, but best to add the proxies in the tools themselves