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Discussion in 'Proxies' started by shindig, Apr 3, 2013.

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    So once you're behind a proxy I'm trying to figure out ways of utilizing it.

    One idea was to make a script that searches google for my terms, scrolls through all the results until if finds my domain and then click it and explore my different pages...Would this increase my rank on the site at all?

    If I ran it 5-10x per day? Maybe change my ip a couple more times and keep running it? Maybe click one of my adsense banners when it's done? But only click one ad from the IP per day?

    The only other idea I can come up with is just increasing view counts on videos, or watch my videos with ads, not sure how worthwhile that is though...uses imagesearch to find my domain out of all the others in search results.

    I was looking at using google apps to host a proxy server. Is creating fake traffic worthwhile for your own sites? Or easy to get caught doing?

    The script I make is different from other web scripts in that it runs as an exe on a computer and directs the computer with keyboard and mouse clicks just like a human. It uses imagesearch to select my domain out of all the other listings on google by clicking in the browser.
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    The only thing fake traffic will do is inflate your bounce rate. It's been rumored that high bounce rates decrease your rankings, but that is negligible, as is clicking your link in the SERPs. If there is any benefit from clicking or harm from higher bounce rate, it will be minuscule and they will cancel each other out because your clicks will cause a high bounce.

    Clicking ads is never a good idea. Someone else will be able to tell you more about the detection measures used by AdSense, but things like screen size, browser/user-agent, cookies, location proximity, etc. go into detecting false clicks. Learn to market better rather than creating fake income.
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    I agree, I think trying to fully replicate a visitor will involve you going head to head against one of Google's most serious and deep devisions. Basically, it will be you trying your novice hand against a team of experts that have likely spend years figuring out all of the potential exploits and implementing measures to protect against these. Artizhay is right about the other factors including user-agent cookies screen size and resolution, etc. I think you may find it more productive to invest your time elsewhere.