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    I bought proxies from the marketplace for the purpose of creating web 2.0s with different profiles. Every time I used google I would get the suspicious activity warning and I have to enter captcha, hotmail disabled my accounts for the same reason (and all I did was use the email address once to confirm it for a single web 2.0 property). So I'm a bit fed up with these proxies and these issues. I'm not looking for a whole lot of proxies since I'll be doing everything manually and I'll probably stack a bunch of 2.0's on each proxy but what I really want is reliable private proxies that won't cause any of these warnings and wasting my time. I'll add that I only created one hotmail account so far with one of the proxies I was using and got the account locked so I'm guessing they're not exclusive private proxies like they claim to be.

    Can anyone recommend any proxy services that are trusted? Would something like Hide my ass be good for what I'm doing? I don't plan on using GSA SER anytime soon.
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    It's for sure proxy issue might the provider you got IP from already used by many users.

    That made the blocked on Search engine so i recommend you to get from reputed and old company thanks :)
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    What sort of proxies did you buy? Private, Shared or Public?

    Private proxies would be your best option to create Web 2.0s without the risk of getting banned or blocked, aslong as you don't create too many accounts with the same proxy. 1-3 accounts per proxy per day should be fine depending on the site. This would be the most expensive option.

    Shared proxies (usually shared between 3 users) should also be fine for what you are wanting to do and will be cheaper than private proxies.

    I wouldn't advise trying to use public proxies as you will encounter lots of problems.

    Maybe you were just unlucky with the proxy seller - maybe you could ask them to replace the proxies. Or find an alternative provider - many people praise buyproxies for being fast and reliable.