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Feb 8, 2008
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Hey Guys,

Can you access different proxies with different online browsers? Ie 1 connects to mozilla 2 connects to IE and 3 connects to chrome, is this possible?

All the best,

Sure, you can even share different proxies with one browser but that requires some extra work. If you have multiple different browsers there is no connection between those, they all have an own unique configuration.
Chrome uses the proxy configuration from Internet Explorer so both would be using the same proxy. You could however have Firefox running on a separate proxy.
whoops, that's new to me. Never used chrome yet
Thanks bpaw

There is a free software (and a download here on BHW) called "sandboxIE".
By using that you can launch 10 IE or 10 Firefox browsers and all can have unique proxy settings.
SandboxIE creates a virtual new environment for each.
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