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Feb 27, 2009
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Here is my situation:

I am using private proxies to scrape the blogs to comment on. I did a mistake and was commenting on blogs putting a direct links to my website. Again I would like to mention all the commenting is done manually by me and my staff so no automated commenting.
Askimet blocked us.

this is what I am going to start to do now (which I should have done to begin with... )
1) Create web 2.0 properties and put those links on my blog comments and then from there send the link randomly to my money website.
2) Use proxies to post as askimet also blocked our office IP

Please tell me what u guys think of this idea?

Also if anyone has recommendations on what proxies to use for commenting that would be great as well. Should I use the same private proxies i am using for scraping or cloakfish, (get more private proxies etc.)

Any help would be truly appreciated!!
I've been experimenting with the tor anonymous browser front end for Firefox with the exit node preset.

Portable Firefox is so small and hard disks are so cheap and large I've about 20 setups, each in its own directory and each with its own, labeled exit node.
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