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    I've been a full-time internet marketer for over 10 years and have had experience in about all branches of internet marketing. For the past 8 years I've had an interest in a particular niche, but it was such a large and competitive niche that I could only find success targeting its smaller sub-niches. Three years ago I decided to focus on SEO and wanted to go after this monster niche, so I purchased two domains and let them age while I studied SEO.

    Last year I made my first attempt in this niche using one of the domains I purchased and failed (the black-hat link building techniques I used at the time were targeted by one of Google's updates and my site got penalized). Since then I decided I could only do this using white-hat/grey-hat techniques so I spent all my time studying and testing these tactics until I found one that I thought would work for this niche. Not wanting to ruin my other aged domain, I tested these strategies on two other (similar) niches with brand new domains and was able to get those sites to rank within a few months.

    Those sites are still ranking today so I feel confident that I am ready to target this monster niche again. I normally stick to the Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO threads on BHW, but recently found the My Journey thread and decided it would be the perfect place for me to record my efforts in dominating this niche.

    What My Quest Is

    I'm going to build a 1,200+ page authority site to target 322 sub-niches covering a total of 7,326 keywords. I will then rank the site in the search engines using grey-hat SEO techniques that I've personally developed over the past two years in preparation for this specific project. Upon completion of this product I expect the site to receive an average of 100,000 visits per day from organic searches (this is not unique visitors).

    The Numbers

    Keywords I'm targeting: 7,326
    Local Exact Match Search Volume: 9,397,852/month
    Local Broad Match Search Volume: 40,950,710/month
    Estimated Daily Traffic for Pos #1-3: 93,979 ? 278,507/day
    Average CPC: $1.24

    Estimated Links to be Built: Currently 5,167+ (will update soon)

    Estimated Hours to Build Site/Write Content: 1,355
    Estimated Hours to Build Links: Currently 1,389+ (will update soon)
    Estimated Total Hours to Finish Project: Currently 2,744+ (will update soon)

    What I've Done in Preparation for This Project

    • I purchased a domain specifically for this project 3 years ago and have let it age. No links have been built to this domain.
    • Built and ranked two authority sites in sister niches to get income estimates for this project as well as to test my ranking strategy.
    • Started and failed this same project 1 year ago because a lack of planning and experience. I have learned from my mistakes and spent another year preparing.
    • 40+ hours of planning my website's blueprint, keywords to target, and everything else so I always know what to do next. Pursuing a project this large without a website-blueprint and plan of attack would result in a lot of wasted time and confusion. I know exactly what I'm targeting, how much effort each page will take, and have an idea of how much work it will take me to reach my goal.

    The Challenges

    Time and Effort
    This is by far the largest project I've ever attempted and will most likely take me well over 12 months to complete. I have the unfortunate habit of getting too excited about a project and will work 70/hours a week on it causing me to burn out fairly quickly. I'm going to have to pace myself with this so that doesn't happen. I'm hoping that recording this journey on BHW will give me motivation to follow this project through to the end.

    My Ranking Strategy
    This site is not a burn-and-churn type site and because of this I cannot risk any Google penalties. I'm actually not going to build any links myself and will instead have other sites link to my site naturally in the search engines. Fortunately, I have developed a strategy that increases the speed of getting natural links. Normally it would take most sites 1-2 years to get 50 natural links, but with this strategy I can get 50 links from relevant pages built to my site in a week.

    So what's the challenge? Well, in order to get people to link to my site, they have to be WOWED by it and think it is the best resource on the subject as possible. But an uncompleted site is not impressive and appears abandoned. So I'm going to have to build at least 10% of the site before I can even start building links. That's around 150 hours of work (nearly a month's worth). This is extremely discouraging because during that month I don't see any traffic or increase in rankings, which I use for motivation.

    Many of the keywords I'm targeting are fairly competitive and the competitive (money making) keywords won't start ranking until I'm nearly 60-80% completed with my project. This means it won't see the fruit of my labor until I'm nearly done with my project which is discouraging. Again, I'm hoping that logging my efforts in this thread will keep me motivated.

    The Rewards

    So why exactly am I targeting this niche? Well first off, I have an interest in it and all of the website(s) currently dominating the niche are fairly pathetic and look like they were originally designed with Geocities web-builder. So having a website in this niche that I know helps others is a reward itself.

    But there are other reasons?

    Besides owning a site that could potentially generate 2.85 Million to 8.47 Million visits each month, the site would also produce enough income that I would be able to retire after two years.


    I'm going to monetize the site using Amazon, ClickBank, CJ, Sharebuilder, and other affiliate networks. I would use AdSense, but I got banned from it 5 years ago and personally feel that you can earn more money by combining multiple earning networks. I may also decide to add an email marketing newsletter to the site for additional income opportunity, but will wait until the site is receiving a good amount of traffic before spending time doing this.

    Other Information

    Who is Doing the Work?
    Me. I have graphic design skills, coding skills, and writing skills. So I will do all of the work myself. I may change my mind later on and hire some writers, but I find that when I do everything myself I know it's done right.

    What is Your Budget?
    I don't spend money to rank my sites. When I started internet marketing I would spend over a thousand bucks to rank a site, only to have it be slapped by Google before I could recover my costs. Since then I've made a rule that I only spend money on the site after its put money into my bank account. This rule caused me to use my brain more than my wallet, with the end result being many out-of-the-box strategies that I use to rank my sites at zero cost. Don't ask me to share my strategies. I'm not going to.

    Ok, that's not entirely true. I do/did pay for the following:

    • Scrapebox
    • Proxies
    • Microsite Masters - I only use this to see when my pages break the top 100, I use Google Webmaster Tools to see my average rankings.
    • Majestic SEO
    • VPS ? for my website to be hosted on
    • Domain Name

    Don't Ask What My Niche Is
    I'm not going to share my website, domain, sister sites, niche, or link building strategies. I'm not going to drop hints or give away any details so people can find my website. BHW is the starting point for all of my strategies so use the valuable resources here to find strategies, test them, modify them, and repeat this process until you have your own strategy that works.

    I will however, answer questions and give my opinion on things. I just don't want multiple posts asking for my site's URL or my link building strategy.

    My Plan

    Ok, I've spent a lot of time planning for this, so I have some ideas of what may happen if everything goes well. The authority site I'm targeting is composed of 322 sub-niches, with each sub niche having an average of 22 keywords to target.

    I'm going to start off by adding the most popular content that people in this niche search for. This way my site will seem completed (from the visitor's perspective) because most of the basic topics are covered. It is nothing special for a site in this niche to have these pages so I'm not going to start my link building campaign yet.

    Once all of the basic "required" pages are built, I will start targeting the least competitive sub-niches. I will create the content for a sub-niche and will then run a link building campaign to spread awareness and get links to my site.

    I will gradually start targeting more and more competitive sub-niches as I work though this project. I will update this thread whenever I have and update or news regarding this project.

    I plan on sharing images that will show my traffic/income calculations so others can get an idea of everything I'm doing. But I've got to finish my link and time estimates before I continue. I'll update this tread with that information as well as my goals for this week when I finish these calculations.

    I'm sure I left something out so feel free to ask any questions. Below are screenshots of the domain I'm going to rank (so you know I'm starting with zero links).



    P.S. ? All in all, this project will likely take me 3,000-4,000 hours to finish. While I do normally overestimate the time needed and underestimate traffic/earnings, I am aware of the workload ahead of me. I feel I need to state this so people don't think I'm an idiot who doesn't know what I'm getting into.
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    Good to see that you are in it for the long run mate. Best wishes.

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    Nice man, good luck I'll be following to see what's happening, I"m also building authority sites right now.
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    Good luck man. I've subscribed. <3
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    Thanks for all the comments! It took me about 20 hours this week to finish all my keyword research, so its motivation for me knowing others are interested in this project. Fortunately my research is finished so I can start building this monster site.

    Here's what I've done since 07-07-13:

    • Purchased a new IP address for the domain
    • Did the graphics for the site
    • Built the beta layout for the site
    • Built the navigation system for the site
    • Finished my research and developed my strategy

    All the above work (minus the research) took me around 14 hours. I'm going to start recording my time on this project separately from the other work I do so I can post accurate time values in this thread.

    Speaking of values, here's the amount of work I estimate it will take for me to achieve my goal:
    Links to be built: 9,606 to 12,808
    Total Hours: 4,557

    Here's some more details of what I did:

    Graphics ? I do my own graphic work and designed everything in photoshop. The site is around 950px wide. This way it will fit onto most browsers, plus I'm going to have a floating social media box on the side of the page so I don't want that to be cut off or overlapping the page content on smaller browsers.

    Beta Layout ? This is where I built the home page of the site and the template that I'll use for the rest of the pages. I'm building the site using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and a little bit of JavaScript. I'm building the framework myself and am not using WordPress or anything else to develop the site.

    For those who are wondering, I will be adding this site to Google Webmaster Tools to track the rankings of my keywords and I will also be using Google Analytics. I use Piwik for all my other sites, but Google Analtyics is 2x's faster than Piwik (load time) and I feel Analytics is more

    Navigation ? This took the most amount of time. I feel that an easy to navigate site increases visitor page views and helps search engine spiders determine the importance of particular pages. Since I'm targeting over 300 sub-niches, making the navigation meet my requirements was tricky. But I decided to use the drop down navigation menu that Zappos uses on their site. This way a visitor can either click on a button at the top of the page to go to that specific category, or they can hover their cursor over that category to have a list of relevant sub categories display beneath their cursor.

    There were some issues with this though. First off, I want all my links to be text links so the search engines can read them so I had to code the script so it didn't rely on buttons. Secondly, most of the dynamic drop down menu scripts use JavaScript, which I avoided doing since some people disable it and since it's difficult for SE spiders to follow JavaScript links.

    Long Term Plans
    I'm going to start off by building content for 10% of the site before I begin building links. This is so the site doesn't appear empty or incomplete. I have highlighted the pages I plan on building first in the image below.

    Once I'm finished with that, I will start a link building campaign for the most difficult pages to rank (those that require the most amount of links).

    Since I'm building links naturally, there is no way of me controlling which pages people link to. Some people will link to the page I want them to and others may link to the home page. Because of this, I will rely on the site's authority to rank many of the keywords. The idea is that as the site gains more links, its authority will increase as well. The higher the site's authority the less links I will need to rank certain pages.

    Many of the keywords I'm targeting will require zero links once my site's authority is high enough, so it would be a waste of time and effort to build links to those pages. Instead I'm targeting the most difficult pages to rank initially ? those that will require substantial links even after my site has high authority. I don't plan on these pages actually ranking until my site is more established (when it's about 75% completed), but the links these pages will generate should give the site enough authority to rank many of the low-mid competition keywords.

    Short Term Goal
    Since I'm going to monetize the site using Amazon, I really need to get as much traffic as possible by November. Because if I can get my affiliate cookie placed on their computer, I have really good chances of getting credit for holiday purchases. So my short term goal is to get the site to 3,000-5,000 daily visitors by Friday November 29 (black Friday in the USA).

    Niche Details
    I've finally finished my research on the sub-niche's I'll be targeting. I've organized everything into a spreadsheet that I've attached as an image in this post. I've also described some of the terminology I used in the spreadsheet below:

    Hrs to Build pg. ? Estimated hours to create the content and build that particular page ( I already have the template ready so I'll pretty much copy and paste the text from MS Word into the HTML file).

    If 0 ? How many new links it would take to rank that page to SERPs #1-3 if the site is new with 0 links.
    if 100 ? How many new links it would take to rank the page #1-3 if the rest of the site has a total of 100 links pointing to it.
    If 300, If 500, If 1000, If 2000, If 5000, If 10,000: the same as the above, except the number represents the total inbound links the site already has.

    # KWDS ? The number of keywords I plan to target on that page. All the keywords are closely related to each other and include common synonyms and plural variations.

    Exact Match ? Local Exact Match monthly search volume. This represents the EM sum of all the keywords that particular page is targeted.

    Ttl Value/Mnth ? The estimated value of each sub-niche (how much money is in the niche).

    $/Visit Min ? The estimated minimum the site can make from each visitor.

    $/Month ? The estimated income the page/sub-niche will make per month.

    $/Hour #1-3 ? The estimated amount of money the keyword will make divided by the amount of hours needed to rank that keyword. This lets me know which keywords are worth my time to target.

    Image is too large for BHW, so I have it hosted here as a PDF:

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    great work, keep going man :)
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    Time for an update. Still in the "work" phase of the site, so nothing exciting will really happen until I start link building (which won't be until I get at least 10% of the site built). Here's what I've done since my last update:


    [1:18] Coding ? Added a Tynt-like script which appends my URL to any text over 150 char that someone copies from my site. This will help give links in forums and blogs where people copy and paste the text from my site. The reason it took so long is I had to modify the script to work on all browsers and to only append my site's URL if the copied text exceeds 150 char.

    Also added Google Analytics to the website, but that only took 30 seconds.

    [1:40] Website ? Uploaded the site to the server and added all the main pages (about us, contact, privacy, etc.). Nearly completed page ID 11.


    [2:43] Coding ? Just minor coding to make the site easier to manage. For example, the site automatically updates its Site Map whenever I post a new page.

    [2:26] Website ? Finished creating page ID 11 & 12. It took me longer to finish the pages than I initially planned because it seems like I have to make a modification to the site or add some code that I forgot every time I add a new page. Also created social media pages for Facebook and Twitter.


    [1:40] Coding ? Built an admin panel for the site to make managing pages easier. Allows me to adjust/modify the title/descriptions/etc. of any page on the site (I'm trying to make it as easy as possible to manage the site in the future when it gets in excess of 1,000 pages). Also finished the sitemap auto-generator script, so each day my site will automatically generate a sitemap.xml file and my site map page to include any new pages I may have added.


    [3:21] Website ? Finished page ID 3 & 5.

    [0:05] Coding ? Had to move the Google analytics script from the beginning of the BODY tag, to the end of the BODY tag. Normally GA loads quickly, but today it wasn't which was causing my pages to be blank until GA was loaded. Moving it to the end BODY tag lets my page load before waiting on GA.