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    ME- I have a client that is going to spend 10's of thousands a month on PPC campaigns. I am way too busy to help them, and to be honest I don't like this kind of work.

    THE JOB:
    set up multiple campaigns on adwords, Facebook, and a retargeting platform to help them monetize their huge volume of organic traffic. They are ranking #1 for an insane KW. You will need to optimize landing pages, create new landing pages, create all their adwords campaigns from the ground up, Facebook camps from the ground up, retargetting camps from the ground up.

    make no mistake, this is a SHIT LOAD of work.

    I will only JV with someone I decide I can trust, this is a sensitive situation and as you know with PPC, you must be willing to go all the way to help them get the best ROI.

    Once again, this is a TON of work so you need to be experienced with adwords, facebook ads, and retargeting, as well as LP design, and SEO, and one last thing, you have to know how to use SPYFU it is a huge part of what they want done.

    Please PM me if you are qualified and can handle the work load. We can talk on skype anytime today / tomorrow. This is a good opportunity for you to have a long term steady income.
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    hit me up on skype: johnwarren12