Proper way to rank long tail keywords?

Discussion in 'Clickbank' started by Sythix, Aug 24, 2015.

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    I'm about to start a new journey with CB and have chosen a product that would give me a decent profit margin. The niche is somewhat big and saturated, so my plan is to focus on long tail keywords for traffic (keywords with low competition and get like 30 or so monthly searches) and basically just have a bunch of pages targeting the long tail keywords and in theory, this will build up as I target more KWs and add more pages.

    Problem is, I have never really done this before.. I am using google keyword planner to find keywords to target with low competition. I also plan on using yoast and a similiar SEO plugin, and plan on putting my keyword as the title, and using that in image descriptions and file names if I add any to the page. This is about as far as basic SEO I know.

    Could anyone give me some advice? I've never really been big on SEO, but eager to learn. I would like to be #1 on all my keywords I'm targetting, considering I am only going after low competition with low monthly searches, I basically NEED to be #1 to see any worthwhile traffic.
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    LOL...We all need to be #1 dude..Welcome to the party...

    You need to stop being LAZY and SEARCH for what you want. Just recently a guy made a decent post about basic onsite SEO. Nobody will spoon feed you anything. Get up and go find it yourself. That is good advice for about 98% of questions you will have as you learn more and more about SEO and IM. It's not rocket science. If you can't find it with the search tool here, try using google like this search - "my keywords" -

    Good luck.