Propeller Is Kaput!

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    Propeller Goes the Way of the Dodo

    Remember Propeller? Back in the day when Digg was all the rage in the social media world, and ? once a hugely popular online destination due to its connection to Netscape, the web browser ? was having an identity crisis, it seemed like a good idea to turn into a Digg-like site, and that?s how Propeller was born.

    Initially, what later became Propeller was available on, but AOL decided to spin the Digg-like bit into a separate site and turn Netscape back into a more traditional portal.

    Alas, it was not to be. Digg-like sites ? which once numbered in the thousands ? were notoriously unsuccessful, with a few notable exceptions, such as Reddit. Propeller was not among those exceptions.

    Just like many other similar sites, it failed to gather a large following, despite serious efforts, which included hiring a team of social media experts to manage the various aspects of the community.

    Now, AOL has informed users via a message on the front page of the site that Propeller will be shut down on October 1st. Judging by the sad state of the site (most stories have one or two votes, meaning that pretty much everyone has abandoned the site), few will miss it.

    In hindsight, the problem with Digg clones is that they?re just like forums. Anyone can set up a forum, but if there?s no community to post there, it will be empty ? it?s as simple as that.

    The demise of Propeller marks the final fall of the curtain for an era in which many thought that every implementation of a cool new way to communicate online will automatically be successful.

    Lesson learned: without a community, most communication tools are useless.
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    Just few backlinks less
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    Propeller was actually doing fine in its inital days, but I beleive somewhere in between they closed it down for sometime and then came back with a 'revamped' version which never really took off.
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    I'll be sure to stop posting to Propeller then!